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psp guide from XhaxxerX

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psp guide from XhaxxerX

Post by ™_TŘ×I˘ITY_™ on Sat Jul 12, 2008 7:38 pm



Also the pics are from google so i dont know the author.

also iI recommend u put black electrical tape around pins but not on 5. this will help prevent frieng at an extent.

good luck and pm me if u need help.

We will still start off with Q/A (Questions/Answers)

Q)What is Pandora's Battery?
A)Pandora's Battery is a utility that utilizes your memory stick and battery to hack your psp.

Q)There are already a lot of tutorials for this.....what makes yours any different?
A)On most of the tutorials it tells you that you require a psp that has
1.50 or a custom firmware. My tutorial doesnt require the use of a
second psp! Just some spare time and a little skill.

Q)Is Pandora's Battery illegal?
A)Pandora's Battery is in no way illegal because it doesnt use any copy
written material (rather it be from Sony or a 3rd party application)

Q)What is "Hardmodding"?
A)Hardmodding is a way or modifying something through hardware. (example: modifying a battery)

We will now discuss how the tutorial is going to be organized (because organizations is a key factor in many great posts lol)
1)Questions and Answers
2)Materials Required
3)Process #1: Creating the Magic Memory Stick
4)Process #2: Creating the Magic Memory Stick with a bricked psp
5)Process #3: Moving the partitions
6)Process #4: Hardmodding the battery
7)Testing your battery
8)Running the files
9)Tips and Tricks
10)Final Questions
13)For Nerds ONLY (how this works)

Now that we understand that, we can now continue with the guide. So first up is "Materials"

(NOTE: The materials will be organized by 1)Name and then by 2)Amount needed)

A psp (1)

A psp battery (2)
OR this or two 1800 Mah's or two 2200 Mah's

A memory stick pro duo with 512MB or more, NO LESS (1)
or Higher

A mini USB or Memory Card Reader (1)
any USB cord works

A computer with an internet connection (1)

A knife/exacto knife (1)

An Electric tape or clear tape or Any tape

Now i assume that these are common household material (if not you can buy them all at a walmart for about $50 or less)

Process #1: Creating the Magic Memory Stick
(NOTE: this is for working psp's. so if your psp is bricked, you dont have to do this one. just go to the next one)
1)Turn on the psp and go into USB mode
2)Download Winrar if you havent already
3)When your computer detects the psp, go to "My Computer"
4)Right-click on your psp's drive and select "Format"
5)Format the memory stick
6)Next download the pandora ultimate---------------------------------------------------- http://www.zshare.net/download/5554099c2452a4/
7)Place all the files inside of it onto your psp's drive. These files should include:
==three folders called "PSP", "kd", and "registry"
==three eboots called "150.pbp", "340.pbp", and "371.pbp"
==one bin file called "msipl.bin"
if you have a regular fat then do all this but with the pandora normal
file, the only difference is that you will have only the msipl.bin

once done with that, move to "Process #3: Moving the Partitions"

Process #2: Creating the Magic Memory Stick with a bricked psp:
In order to do this, we are going to need a Memory card Reader/Writer.
1)Plug your Memory Stick in via Card Reader
2)Follow the above tutorial from step 2-7

Process #3: Moving the Partitions:
(NOTE: Keep your memory stick in through USB or card reader)
1)Download the partition mover
2)Extract the folder "msinst" to your hard drive (C:\)
3)Go to "My Computer" and find your PSP drive letter (Removable Disk ?)
4)Go to "Start"
5)Go to "Run"
6)Type in "cmd" and press OK

from here, there should be a black and silverish white screen. If so, your all good and are ready to continue.

7)Type this in: "cd C:\msinst"
8)Next, type in "msinst ? msipl.bin" (remember No quotes) (also,
replace ? with your removable disk letter)(also, use a capital letter
to represent your drive. example: C:\msinst>msinst J msipl.bin)
9)It will show some stuff and give you 2 options. 1)Y=Yes 2)N=No........of course, press Y and then enter
10)You should receive a confirmation that the partitions were successfully moved

and thats it! your done with your magic memory stick and partition moving!!!!! That wasnt so hard now was it?
Now, lets continue!

Process #4: Hardmodding the battery:
1)Take your battery and open it using a knife or exacto knife

2)look on the main board for the display "ICO4" or "CO4" (PSP Phat Battery Pic)

another pic (PSP Slim Battery Pic)

3)Now, take a needle or something like that and remove pin #5 so that the copper is showing

here is a diagram: (NOTE: you can find pin #5 easily when the ICO4 or CO4 display is facing you!!!!)
a beter view in text
__ (pin 4) __ (pin
__ (pin 3) __ (pin 7)
__ (pin 2) __ (pin 6)
__ (pin 1) __ (pin 5)---copper
(i did the text diagram thats all in this guide)
4)After that, put your battery back together.

congratulations, you just softmodded your battery!!!!!

Testing your battery:
Your will know if you successfully made your battery when:
1)you inert the battery and the green power LED comes on
if it doesnt come on, you did now make it correctly!

Running the files:
Once your battery and your memory stick are being used at the same time, you will now have a "Pandora's Battery"
1)put in your magic Memory Stick
2)Put in your softmodded battery
*if you see your wifi LED and memory stick LED blink, you have it
working!!!!!!! as though in most occasions your screen wont light up
but if it does, thats always good too*
3)When your LED's are don flashing, press "[]" (square) to dump your
nand flash (just in case you brick. be warned, the file is anywhere
from 32MB-64MB depending on your psp)
4)After that is done, you will be required reboot, so press X (cross) when your LED's are done flashing or when instructed to)
5)Re-put in your battery and the pandora menu will load
6)Press X (cross) to install 3.71M33
7)After thats done, you will need to reboot again (press X (cross) when instructed to or when the LED's are done flashing)
8)Now, remove your battery
9)Plug in your charger
10)Turn on the psp
11)Put in your battery
12)Remove the charger
13)And you should now be running 3.71M33!!!!!

Tips and tricks:
1)Run the v3 universal unbricker when your done so you can see the text (on slim psp's or fat)
2)Buy a new battery (if your cheap, see the 1st question on "Final Questions"
3)Remember NOT ALL homebrew is compatible with the psp slim!!

Final Questions:
(Q)Can i ever dual boot my XMB and my battery
(A)Yes! you can do this only one way. you need to buy a switch and
solder on the + and - connector to the batter and to the switch. This
will allow you to choose when you want to boot into pandora's battery
or into your XMB (see links)

(Q)When i insert my softmodded battery, the psp turns on but i cant see anything
(A)Thats because your probably using a psp slim which in that case, just press X and then install the V3 unbricker

(Q)The light comes on but my MS LED and my wofi LED doesnt do anything
(A)This is a common problem when you dont follow the instruction EXACTLY, you have to re-create the magic memory stick

OK i will divide this up into 2 parts. part 1 will be the significance
of the magic memory stick and part 2 will be the significance of the

The magic memory stick just contains all the files necessary for the
hack. it doesnt really become a major role until you make it bootable
by moving the partitions. When you move the partitions, you making the
psp boot up the memory stick instead of its default EEPROM.

The battery is the most important part in this whole operation. The
battery controls the psp. have you ever wondered why there is a
motherboard on a batter pack? well thats because the battery tells the
psp to boot its EEPROM (thus why you can only start the psp when a
battery inserted) Now, the ICO4 or CO4 connector is the chip that tells
the psp to load its most bootable partition.
Normally, this would be the EEPROM because it auto select this. But
when you make the memory stick bootable, you are swapping the
partitions (in a way)

and both of these ultimately lead to the booting of the memory stick which will allow you to hack your psp!

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Re: psp guide from XhaxxerX

Post by taz0x9 on Thu Jul 24, 2008 6:52 pm

ur guide is too long it can rely give ppl a headache

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