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PSP guide by xhaxxerx 5

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PSP guide by xhaxxerx 5

Post by ™_TŘ×I˘ITY_™ on Sun Jul 13, 2008 7:49 pm

This is my first thread and i didnt copy these cheat codes from the A-Z cwcheat codes thread.....For those of you who dont know what cwcheat is its a cheat device that activates cheats to give you stuff or advantages in games. i uploaded it megaupload and sorry this is only for phat psp and for all firmwire other than 3.71 if you want it then just get it from my other thread here's a short tutorial link:
1. go usb mode
2.put the dbdownload in GAME folder
3.put seplugins in the root of your memorystick as in where you see all the folders like ISO MUSIC PHOTO if you still dont get me its in the very beggining when you open the USB(PSP)then drag it there
4.when done exit usb mode
5.fully off your psp then go to plugins then select enable
6. to activate luach a game hold select then press X on select cheats then
the cheats shoul be displayed like (N)INFINITE MONEY or whatever cheats there are then just press X to turn it from (N)(off) to (Y)(on) then press O then press X on activate cheats to enable or disable them
plz leave at least a post

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Re: PSP guide by xhaxxerx 5

Post by taz0x9 on Thu Jul 24, 2008 6:53 pm

huh this is just a guide on how to use cheats

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