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Invisibility Routine 1

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Invisibility Routine 1

Post by Reaper on Tue Sep 02, 2008 10:11 am

Routine 1: Blank Name ( anti vote), Rapid Fire, Shotgun Explosives, Shotgun, Flash, Inf Ammo, Custom Jump;

Activate Blank Name b4 going in game. (wep select)
Activate Shotgun Mod b4 going in game. (wep select)
Activate Shotgun Explosives b4 going in game. (wep select)
Set HZ to 15/1000 and press the music button to turn cheats on.
Go in game. Deactivate everything.
Activate Invisibility.
Get yourself killed.
You will still be there
You will still have shotgun explosives
you will still have blank name and only u can see ur name
Activate Crouch Flash or Flash
Activate Inf Ammo
Activate Rapid Fire.

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