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My coder app

Post by Demon450 on Sun Jan 24, 2010 12:11 pm


#No Flashbang Blindness
0x00662F2C 0x00000000
0x00662F30 0x00000000

#Always Flashbang Blindness
0x00662F2C 0x00000002
0x00662F30 0x00000001

#Lock Tab
0x00665C94 0x00000000
0x00665C98 0x00000000

#Dual Screens
0x006E8F28 0x00000100

#Long Respawn
;enable in staging as host
0xFFFFFFFF 0x01475E28
0x00000020 0x42C80000

#Instant Respawn
;enable in staging as host
0xFFFFFFFF 0x01475E28
0x00000020 0xBF800000

#Self Profile Options
;demon450 and DHC
;WARNING, removes from cell
0xFFFFFFFF 0x00674B64
0x00000026 0x0001

#Demonic Impostor
0xFFFFFFFF 0x00674B64
0x00000028 0x00000000
0x0000002C 0x00000000
0x00000030 0x00000000
0x00000034 0x00000000

#Forever Start

#No Start Game
0x000E2C34 0x03E00008

#Invisible Start Game
0x000E2B98 0x03E00008

#No Cancel Start Game
0x000E2E70 0x03E00008
#No Send Private Chat
0x000CB99C 0x00000000

#Freeze Frame
;when you turn off go to this address and put 3F80 at first 16 bits
0x006E903C 0x40800000

#Leave GUI Breakdown
;Enable When In Staging
;try to exit it
0x000C7714 0x00000000

#Cool Vision
;Activate with Left+X
0x0000640C 0x0A200380
0x00000E00 0x3C0808E6
0x00000E04 0x85087F34
0x00000E08 0x3C0908E6
0x00000E0C 0x340A4080
0x00000E10 0x3C0BFFFF
0x00000E14 0x356BFF0E
0x00000E18 0x150A0002
0x00000E1C 0x00000000
0x00000E20 0xAD2B2F28
0x00000E24 0x03E00008

#Inf. Buddy List Options
0x000CB72C 0x03E00008

#No Options Profile Page
0x000CB4EC 0x03E00008

#Remove From Ignore Replace
0x000CB884 0x00000000

#Remove From Cell Option Added
0x000CB82C 0x00000000

#Disable Profile Page
0x000CBA54 0x03E00008

#Disable Buddy Option
0x000CB7D8 0x00000000

#Remove Buddy Option
0x000CB7D8 0x10A0000C

#Cannot Choose Game
0x000C03B4 0x03E00008

#Game Chooser Always there
0x000BE690 0x03E00008

#Messed Up Game Order
0x000BE62C 0x00000000

#Map Color Joker
;Up To Change
;Down to Flicker
0x0000640C 0x0A2001C0
0x00000700 0x3C0808E6
0x00000704 0x8D087F34
0x00000708 0x34090010
0x0000070C 0x3C0A08E6
0x00000710 0x8D4B2F28
0x00000714 0x340C0001
0x00000718 0x15090004
0x0000071C 0x00000000
0x00000720 0x018B6020
0x00000724 0xAD4C2F28
0x00000728 0x03E00008
0x0000072C 0x34090040
0x00000730 0x15090003
0x00000734 0x00000000
0x00000738 0x018B6022
0x0000073C 0xAD4C2F28
0x00000740 0x03E00008

#Demons Keyboard
;ALL new symbols
;color coated for colors
;black is fake space
;Color of the keyboard is
;DMA after a game
;but it comes back after you
;turn the game back on
;use RAM Dump if you know how
0x000B7F38 0x340A0000
0x000B7F78 0x340A0000
0x000B9938 0x340A0000
0x000C0758 0x340A0000
0x000C2D30 0x340A0000
0x002B5D54 0x340A0000
0x002C9980 0x34080000
0x00657EBC 0x00110031
0x00657EC8 0x001200B2
0x00657ED4 0x001300B3
0x00657EE0 0x00140034
0x00657EEC 0x00150035
0x00657EF8 0x00160036
0x00657F04 0x00170037
0x00657F10 0x00100038
0x00657F1C 0x00020039
0x00657F28 0x00400030
0x00657F34 0x00BF003F
0x00657F40 0x00A10021
0x00657F4C 0x00510071
0x00657F58 0x00570077
0x00657F64 0x00CA00EA
0x00657F70 0x00520072
0x00657F7C 0x00540074
0x00657F88 0x00DD00FF
0x00657F94 0x00DB00FB
0x00657FA0 0x00CE00EE
0x00657FAC 0x00D400F4
0x00657FB8 0x00500070
0x00657FC4 0x00B72122
0x00657FD0 0x00290028
0x00657FDC 0x00C200E2
0x00657FE8 0x00A70073
0x00657FF4 0x00440064
0x00658000 0x00460066
0x0065800C 0x00470067
0x00658018 0x00480068
0x00658024 0x004A006A
0x00658030 0x004B006B
0x0065803C 0x004C006C
0x00658048 0x015300B5
0x00658054 0x007F2014
0x0065806C 0x00A900AE
0x00658078 0x005A007A
0x00658084 0x00580078
0x00658090 0x00C700E7
0x0065809C 0x00560076
0x006580A8 0x00DF0062
0x006580B4 0x00D100F1
0x006580C0 0x004D006D
0x006580CC 0x00A3002E
0x006580D8 0x00AA0060
0x006580E4 0x007E00BA
0x006580F0 0x000A00A0
0x006580FC 0x00A600AC
0x0071D0C0 0xFF0000FF
0x0071D0C4 0xFF0000FF
0x0071D0C8 0xFF0000FF
0x00E7AC54 0x7FFFFFFF
0x00E7ACC0 0x0000
0x00E7ADBC 0x27
0x00E7B230 0x6C655313
0x00E7B234 0x74636512
0x00E7B238 0x00
0x00E7B3D0 0x17725011
0x00E7B3D4 0x2E761665
0x00E7B580 0x15614E14
0x00E7B584 0x00002E76
0x00E832E0 0x6B634213
0x00E832E4 0x63705312
0x00E832E8 0x65
0x00E82BF0 0x6D656415
0x00E82BF4 0x166E6F11
0x00E82BF8 0x30351234
0x00E82F50 0x6D654415
0x00E82F54 0x20736E6F
0x00E82F58 0x6279654B
0x00E82F5C 0x6472616F
0x00E82F60 0x00000000
0x00E84AB4 0xFF0000FF
0x00E85224 0xFF0086FF
0x00E85464 0xFF00FF00
0x00E854F4 0xFF00FFFF
0x00E857C4 0xFF00FF00
0x00E85854 0xFFFFFF00
0x00E858E4 0xFF0FF0FF
0x00E85974 0xCCCCCCCC
0x00E85A04 0xFF0000FF
0x00E85A94 0xFF005AFF
0x00E85B24 0xFFCCCCCC
0x00E85C44 0xFF000000
0x00E85CD4 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E85D64 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E85DF4 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E85E84 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E85F14 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E85FA4 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E86034 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E860C4 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E86154 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E861E4 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E86274 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E86304 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E86394 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E86424 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E864B4 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E86544 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E865D4 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E86664 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E866F4 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E86784 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E86814 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E868A4 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E86934 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E869C4 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E86A54 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E86AE4 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E86B74 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E86C04 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E86C94 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E86D24 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E86DB4 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E86E44 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E86ED4 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E86F64 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E86FF4 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E87084 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E87114 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E871A4 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E87234 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E872C4 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E87354 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E873E4 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E87474 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E87504 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E87594 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E87624 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E876B4 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E87744 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E877D4 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E87864 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E87984 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E87A14 0x00FFFFFF
0x00E87B34 0xFFFFFF00
0x00E87E04 0xFFFF0000
0x00E87F24 0xFFFF00FF
0x00E87E94 0xFF0000DF

#Demons AR
;turn on in loading before weapon select
0x00793EE0 0x6F4D6544
0x00793EE4 0x4120734E
0x00793EE8 0x35312D52
0x00793F00 0x2E544445
0x00793F04 0x004C4B53
0x00793F08 0x00000000
0x00793F0C 0x00000000
0x00793F10 0x53495F47
0x00793F14 0x4C454152
0x00793F18 0x38385F49
0x00793F20 0x414D5F47
0x00793F24 0x4E494843
0x00793F28 0x4C45525F
0x00793F2C 0x0044414F
0x00793F40 0x52475F47
0x00793F44 0x44414E45
0x00793F48 0x58455F45
0x00793F4C 0x004F4C50
0x00793F60 0x54534950
0x00793F64 0x00004C4F
0x00793F68 0x00000000
0x00793FBC 0x00000031
0x00793F50 0x0C
0x0079405C 0x0000FF41
0x00793F80 0x03
0x00793F80 0x03
0x00793FE0 0xFFFF
0x00793FD0 0xFF
0x00794074 0x04
0x00793F98 0x02
0x00793FDF 0x45
0x00794070 0x00000073
0x00794046 0x4100
0x0079404A 0x4100
0x00794078 0x00000000
0x00793F88 0x04
0x0079403E 0x43C0
0x00794034 0x0A
0x00793F94 0x03
0x00793F8C 0x01
0x00793F84 0x1C
0x00794004 0x0A
0x00794008 0x3D560000
0x00794020 0x7F800000
0x00794024 0x7F800000
0x00794038 0x7F800000
0x00794044 0x42FF
0x00794048 0x42FF0000

#Regularish Keyboard
0x00657EBC 0x00210031
0x00657EC8 0x00400032
0x00657ED4 0x00230033
0x00657EE0 0x00240034
0x00657EEC 0x00250035
0x00657EF8 0x00260036
0x00657F04 0x005E0037
0x00657F10 0x002A0038
0x00657F1C 0x00280039
0x00657F28 0x00290030
0x00657F34 0x005F002D
0x00657F40 0x002B003D
0x00657F4C 0x00510071
0x00657F58 0x00570077
0x00657F64 0x00450065
0x00657F70 0x00520072
0x00657F7C 0x00540074
0x00657F88 0x00590079
0x00657F94 0x00550075
0x00657FA0 0x00490069
0x00657FAC 0x004F006F
0x00657FB8 0x00500070
0x00657FC4 0x007B005B
0x00657FD0 0x007D005D
0x00657FDC 0x00410061
0x00657FE8 0x00530073
0x00657FF4 0x00440064
0x00658000 0x00460066
0x0065800C 0x00470067
0x00658018 0x00480068
0x00658024 0x004A006A
0x00658030 0x004B006B
0x0065803C 0x004C006C
0x00658048 0x003A0022
0x00658054 0x003B0027
0x0065806C 0x00A6007C
0x00658078 0x005A007A
0x00658084 0x00580078
0x00658090 0x00430063
0x0065809C 0x00560076
0x006580A8 0x00420062
0x006580B4 0x004E006E
0x006580C0 0x004D006D
0x006580CC 0x003C002C
0x006580D8 0x003E002E
0x006580E4 0x003F002F
0x006580F0 0x00200020
0x006580FC 0x00A900AE

#64 Players
0x012F7088 0x40

0x0078B764 0x9E
0x00795330 0x65746157
0x00795334 0x72687472
0x00795338 0x7265776F
0x007953D0 0x08
0x0078B680 0x08
0x00795430 0xFFFF
0x007954C8 0x00000098

#Chat==>Message Box
0x0060E864 0x4D697547
0x0060E868 0x61737365
0x0060E86C 0x6F626567
0x0060E870 0x00000078

0x0060E864 0x43697547
0x0060E868 0x61766E61
0x0060E86C 0x00000073
0x0060E870 0x00000000

#Start Menu==>????
0x0061B898 0x4E697547
0x0061B89C 0x69447465
0x0061B8A0 0x6E6F6373
0x0061B8A4 0x7463656E

#Weapon Stats (Inventory)==>????
0x0061B91C 0x00000000
0x0061B920 0x00000000
0x0061B924 0x00000000
0x0061B928 0x00000000

#EULA==>Universe Select
;enable anytime before user agreement
0x00616C3C 0x4F697547
0x00616C40 0x6E696C6E
0x00616C44 0x696E5565
0x00616C48 0x73726576
0x00616C4C 0x6C655365
0x00616C50 0x00746365

0x00614F78 0x00000000
0x00614F7C 0x00000000
0x00614F80 0x00000000

#Main Menu==>????
0x00614DCC 0x00000000
0x00614DD0 0x00000000
0x00614DD4 0x00000000

#Online Type==>????
0x00618EF8 0x00000000
0x00618EFC 0x00000000
0x00618F00 0x00618F00

#In Game Options==>????
0x0061B9D0 0x00000000
0x0061B9D4 0x00000000
0x0061B9D8 0x00000000

#Online Options==>????
0x00612744 0x00000000
0x00612748 0x00000000
0x0061274C 0x00000000

#Blinking MC==>????
0x0061317C 0x00000000
0x00613180 0x00000000
0x00613184 0x00000000

#Host Game Popup==>????
0x00617624 0x00000000
0x00617628 0x00000000
0x0061762C 0x00000000

#Join Game Page==>????
0x00617910 0x00000000
0x00617914 0x00000000
0x00617918 0x00000000

#Lobby Players Page==>????
0x00617C18 0x00000000
0x00617C1C 0x00000000
0x00617C20 0x00000000

#Cell Create==>????
0x00617110 0x00000000
0x00617114 0x00000000
0x00617118 0x00000000

#Memory Card Info Popup==>????
0x0061AB94 0x00000000
0x0061AB98 0x00000000
0x0061AB9C 0x00000000

;Forever No Join
0x00617018 0x00000000
0x0061701C 0x00000000
0x00617020 0x00000000

#Enviornment Mis Mod==>????
0x00631618 0x00000000
0x0063161C 0x00000000
0x00631620 0x00000000

0x0061B8FC 0x00000000
0x0061B900 0x00000000
0x0061B904 0x00000000

#Stats in Game==>????
0x0061B994 0x00000000
0x0061B998 0x00000000
0x0061B99C 0x00000000

#Friend NP==>????
0x00618020 0x00000000
0x00618024 0x00000000
0x00618028 0x00000000

0x00617C3C 0x00000000
0x00617C40 0x00000000
0x00617C44 0x00000000

#Player Stats Lobby==>????
0x0061712C 0x00000000
0x00617130 0x00000000
0x00617134 0x00000000

#Language Select==>????
0x0061ABAC 0x00000000
0x0061ABB0 0x00000000
0x0061ABB4 0x00000000

#Mission Select==>????
0x00617BC8 0x00000000
0x00617BCC 0x00000000
0x00617BD0 0x00000000

#Add to Ignore=Add to Buddies
;Modded Kig
0x000CB8C8 0x34060004

#Faster Gameplay
0x006E8EB0 0x4080

#Different Quit Message
0x0061BA04 0x0061BA04

#Mutated Player
;MM only
0x00EEDFB8 0x40225BE6
0x00EEE188 0x3FF717D0
0x00EEE358 0x3FABF59F
0x00EEE528 0x4040438A
0x00EEE6F8 0x3F856EA5
0x00EEE8C8 0x3EA2BA20
0x00EEEA98 0x40606D22
0x00EEEC68 0x4076ADCA
0x00EEEE38 0x40621833
0x00EEF008 0x3EAE6C7C
0x00EEF3A8 0x406C9A4C

#Glitchy Player
;MM only
0x00EF0058 0x00000000
0x00EF0288 0x00000000
0x00EF02E8 0x00000000

#RTL Melee Motion
0x0061F2CC 0x00000001

#Cell Host
0x00659934 0x00000001

#Disable Cell Host
0x00659934 0x00000000

#Misplaced Left Shift Button
0x00E86F74 0xFF0000FF
0x00E86F7C 0xFFF000FF

#Fast D-Pad
0x006D622C 0x00000000
0x006D6230 0x00000000
0x006D6234 0x00000000
0x006D6238 0x00000000

#Fast Type
0x006D623C 0x00000000
0x006D6240 0x00000000

#Multi Vision 2
0x00662F24 0x01
0x00662F28 0x02

#No Scope IR
0x00662F28 0x02

#No Scope Lazer
0x00662F28 0x3D

#No Scope Rainbow
0x00662F28 0x0C

#No Scope Tocic
0x00662F28 0x34

#No Scope Puke
0x00662F28 0x32

#No Scope Green Shit
0x00662F28 0x15

#No Scope NV
0x00662F28 0x01

0x00662F28 0x06

#Blurry Vision
0x00662F28 0x07

#No Scope EDSU
0x00662F28 0x05

#Perfect Nightvision

#Infinite Money
0x013A3EB0 0x7F800000

#Infinite Happiness
0x013A3DB8 0x7F800000

#Infinite Pet Points
0x013A3EB4 0x7F800000

#Speed Gui Off
0x0122CE7C 0x00000000

#Speed Gui On
0x0122CE7C 0x00000001

#Fake Constant Increase
0x0139E764 0x00000038

#Overgrown Comfort Bar
0x0139E760 0x0000001A


#Self Profile Options
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0147AC68
0x0000002E 0x0001

#Kick In Game
0x000D71AC 0x248432C4
0x000D71B8 0x34060006
0x006547B4 0x00000002

#Disable Profile
0x000D71E4 0x03E00008

#Inf. Invite to Buddy List
0x000D6EBC 0x03E00008

#No options Profile Page
0x000D6C7C 0x03E00008

#Reset Stats
;Play Ranked Game
0xFFFFFFFF 0x00676900
0x0000000C 0x00000000
0x00000010 0x00000000
0x00000014 0x00000000
0x00000018 0x00000000
0x0000001C 0x00000000

;Play Ranked Game
0xFFFFFFFF 0x00676900
0x00000044 0x00004E20

#Medius Login
0x00610800 0x00000001

#Demons Keyboard
0x00652C3C 0x00110031
0x00652C48 0x001200B2
0x00652C54 0x001300B3
0x00652C60 0x00140034
0x00652C6C 0x00150035
0x00652C78 0x00160036
0x00652C84 0x00170037
0x00652C90 0x00100038
0x00652C9C 0x00080039
0x00652CA8 0x00400030
0x00652CB4 0x00BF003F
0x00652CC0 0x00A10021
0x00652CCC 0x00510071
0x00652CD8 0x00570077
0x00652CE4 0x00CA00EA
0x00652CF0 0x00520072
0x00652CFC 0x00540074
0x00652D08 0x00DD00FF
0x00652D14 0x00DB00FB
0x00652D20 0x00CE00EE
0x00652D2C 0x00D400F4
0x00652D38 0x00500070
0x00652D44 0x00B72122
0x00652D50 0x00290028
0x00652D5C 0x00C200E2
0x00652D68 0x00A70073
0x00652D74 0x00440064
0x00652D80 0x00460066
0x00652D8C 0x00470067
0x00652D98 0x00480068
0x00652DA4 0x004A006A
0x00652DB0 0x004B006B
0x00652DBC 0x004C006C
0x00652DC8 0x015300B5
0x00652DD4 0x007F00AA
0x00652DE0 0x00A900AE
0x00652DEC 0x00A900AE
0x00652DF8 0x005A007A
0x00652E04 0x00580078
0x00652E10 0x00C700E7
0x00652E1C 0x00560076
0x00652E28 0x00DF0062
0x00652E34 0x00D100F1
0x00652E40 0x004D006D
0x00652E4C 0x00A3002E
0x00652E58 0x0060003A
0x00652E64 0x007E00BA
0x00652E70 0x000A00A0
0x00652E7C 0x00A600AC
0x010F1C54 0xFF
0x010F1CC0 0x00000000
0x010F2510 0x6C655315
0x010F2514 0x00746365
0x010F26B0 0x65725015
0x010F26B4 0x756F6976
0x010F26B8 0x00000073
0x010F2860 0x76614E15
0x010F2864 0x74616769
0x010F2868 0x00000065
0x010F9A90 0x4E4F4415
0x010F9A94 0x00000045
0x010F9DF0 0x6D654415
0x010F9DF4 0x20736E6F
0x010F9DF8 0x6279654B
0x010F9DFC 0x6472616F
0x010F9E00 0x00000000
0x010FA180 0x6B634215
0x010FA184 0x00637053
0x010FB894 0xFF0000FF
0x010FC134 0xFF0000FF
0x010FC374 0xFF0000FF
0x010FC404 0xFF0000FF
0x010FC524 0xFF0000FF
0x010FC5B4 0xFF0000FF
0x010FC644 0xFF0000FF
0x010FC6D4 0xFF0000FF
0x010FC764 0xFF0000FF
0x010FC7F4 0xFF0000FF
0x010FC884 0xFF0000FF
0x010FC914 0xFF0000FF
0x010FC9A4 0xFF0000FF
0x010FCA34 0xFF0000FF
0x010FCAC4 0xFF0000FF
0x010FCB54 0xFF0000FF
0x010FCBE4 0xFF0000FF
0x010FCD04 0xFF0000FF
0x010FCD94 0xFF0000FF
0x010FCE24 0xFF0000FF
0x010FCEB4 0xFF0000FF
0x010FCF44 0xFF0000FF
0x010FCFD4 0xFF0000FF
0x010FD064 0xFF0000FF
0x010FD0F4 0xFF0000FF
0x010FD184 0xFF0000FF
0x010FD214 0xFF0000FF
0x010FD2A4 0xFF0000FF
0x010FD334 0xFF0000FF
0x010FD3C4 0xFF0000FF
0x010FD4E4 0xFF0000FF
0x010FD574 0xFF0000FF
0x010FD604 0xFF0000FF
0x010FD694 0xFF0000FF
0x010FD724 0xFF0000FF
0x010FD7B4 0xFF0000FF
0x010FD844 0xFF0000FF
0x010FD8D4 0xFF0000FF
0x010FD964 0xFF0000FF
0x010FD9F4 0xFF0000FF
0x010FDA84 0xFF0000FF
0x010FDB14 0xFF0000FF
0x010FDBA4 0xFF0000FF
0x010FDCC4 0xFF0000FF
0x010FDD54 0xFF0000FF
0x010FDDE4 0xFF0000FF
0x010FDE74 0xFF0000FF
0x010FDF04 0xFF0000FF
0x010FDF94 0xFF0000FF
0x010FE024 0xFF0000FF
0x010FE0B4 0xFF0000FF
0x010FE144 0xFF0000FF
0x010FE1D4 0xFF0000FF
0x010FE264 0xFF0000FF
0x010FE2F4 0xFF0000FF
0x010FE384 0xFF0000FF
0x010FE4A4 0xFF0000FF
0x010FE534 0xFF0000FF
0x010FE5C4 0xFF0000FF
0x010FE6E4 0xFF0000FF
0x010FE894 0xFF0000FF
0x010FEB64 0xFF0000FF
0x010FEBF4 0xFF0000FF
0x010FEC84 0xFF0000FF

#Unlock Symbols
0x010F1CC0 0x00000000

#Always Caps
0x010F1CD0 0x00000001

#Never Caps
0x010F1CD0 0x00000000

#LS Impostor
;join game only Imopster
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0147BE94
0x00000028 0x00000000
0x0000002C 0x00000000
0x00000030 0x00000000
0x00000034 0x00000000
0x00000038 0x00000000

#Type Backwards
0x010F9F74 0x00000000

0x0065DBF8 0x00000002

#Perfect Night Vision
0x0065DBF8 0x00000008


#Medius Login
0x005BDD28 0x00000001

#1 Player in Game
0x012E21D4 0x01


#Infinite Health
0x003E364C 0x7F800000

#Auto Die
0x003E364C 0x80000000

#One Hit Kill (you)
0x003E364C 0x00000000

#Infinite Time

#Infinite Health (Opponent)
0x003FA30C 0x7F800000

#One Hit Kill (Opponent)
0x003FA30C 0x00000000

#Enemy Auto Die
0x003FA30C 0xFF800000

#Max Score in Endless Trial
0x00D9934C 0x7F58273F

#Perfect Endless Trial
0x00D99214 0x7F800000

#Overide Player Movemtent
0x003E4E70 0x03000000

#Slow Backpedal
0x003FFBD4 0x00060079

#Perfect Training
0x003E36C0 0x7F800000
0x003E36C8 0x7F800000
0x003E36C4 0x7F800000

#No Shock (Opponent)
0x003FB6E0 0x70000000

#Fake Block (Opponent)
0x003FBCB0 0x00000000

#Stay On Floor
0x003FFBD8 0x03E00008

#Get On Floor
0x003FFBD8 0x00000000

#View Level
0x00DBA8B0 0x50000000

#Bad Camera Angle
0x00DBA960 0x7115C4F1

#Glitchy Game
0x00586330 0x00000000

#Upside Down Level Zoom
0x00DBA8DE 0x4080

#Crazy Level
0x00DBA8CA 0x4080

#Level No Scroll
0x00DBA8CC 0x00004080

#No Attacking
0x003E4FF0 0x42700000

#Fast Attacks
0x003E5010 0x40800000

#Uncontrollable Zoom at Feet
0x00DBA8DC 0x3E800000

#Slow Attacks
0x003E5010 0x3E800000

#Lock Player
0x003E45C8 0x00150000

#Release X Block
;use dpad to move not analog
0x003FFC70 0x00FC0015


#Demons Equipment
0x004294F4 0x00000011
0x004294F8 0x00000005
0x004294FC 0x0000000D
0x00429500 0x00000005
0x00429504 0x00000004
0x00429508 0x00000003
0x0042950C 0x00000003
0x00429510 0x00000003

#Infinite Credits
0x0042CEB0 0x00000000

#Infinite Credits Galactic Conquest
0x0082A984 0x000186A0


#Infinite Credits
0x005EE544 0x00000000

#Max Credits
0x005EE540 0x000001F4

0x0004AD58 0x0A2DCEF9
0x00373BE4 0x3C0808C1
0x00373BE8 0x8D091BE0
0x00373BEC 0x240A3000
0x00373BF0 0x012A5822
0x00373BF4 0xAD0B1BE0
0x00373BF8 0x03E00008

#Auto Win
;enable when choosing games
0x005CC614 0x0000C350

#SWES Impostor
0x004989B8 0x6D6D6F43
0x004989BC 0x65646E61
0x004989C0 0x6F432072
0x004989C4 0x00007964
0x004989C8 0x00000000

#Weapon Layout
;choose loadout 1
0x005CC65C 0x1ADF3772
0x005CC660 0x70F21FEE
0x005CC664 0xFD9085C9
0x005CC668 0xF0D48F47
0x005CC66C 0xA90E4628
0x005CC670 0x00000000
0x005CC674 0x2F6B4957
0x005CC678 0xCA9708CC

#Remove Textures
0x0045CEE8 0x438A4267

#Hippie Vision
0x0045CF24 0x40800000

#No Overheat
0x002D4DC4 0x44800000
0x002D4DC8 0x44800000

#Disable Bullets
0x002D49E8 0x03E00008

#Shoot Sideways
0x0021F748 0x03E00008

#Layout Republic
0x005CCFF4 0x00000001
0x005CCFF8 0x00000001

#Layout Empire
0x005CCFEC 0x00000001

#Layout CIS
0x005CD000 0xFFFFFFFE
0x005CD004 0x00000001

#Layout Rebels
0x005CCFE0 0x00000001

#Star Fighter Stealth Mode
0x002D46BC 0x03E00008

0x0049F820 0x00000000

#Everyone Disappears
;enable in game
0x005CC600 0xFFFFFFFF

#Instant Hero
;enable before game
0x005CC610 0x00000000

#Plasma Bullets
0x0021F74C 0x00000000

#Auto Deplete Stamina
0x002794A8 0x00000000

#Demons Loadout Menu
0x003FA890 0x70F21FEE
0x003FA894 0xAD9AD1EF
0x003FA898 0xF4A2AC2B
0x003FA89C 0x70FC9DA7
0x003FA8A0 0x1ADF3772
0x003FA8A4 0x116B7344
0x003FA8A8 0x154B6250
0x003FA8AC 0x27BDFFE0
0x003FA8B0 0x27BDFFE0
0x003FA8B4 0x7B086E76
0x003FA8B8 0x7FE42F24
0x003FA8BC 0x714A0BF2
0x003FA8C0 0x0806F7EE
0x003FA8C4 0xF81ADD30
0x003FA8C8 0x08043D02
0x003FA8CC 0x0806F719
0x003FA8D0 0x068C55FD
0x003FA8D8 0x27BDFFE0
0x003FA8DC 0xFD9085C9
0x003FA8F4 0x636FD87E
0x005EE544 0x00000000

#Rolling Ball of Death
0x00411BE0 0x3D000000

#Seperation of Limbs
0x00411BE0 0x40800000

#Demons Hacking Menu
;Credits to Oby1Chick and demon450
;mostly oby1
0x000E2598 0x0A200F00
0x00705460 0x006F0043
0x00705464 0x00650064
0x00705468 0x004D0020
0x0070546C 0x006E0061
0x00705470 0x00670061
0x00705474 0x00720065
0x00705478 0x00000020
0x007057BC 0x006C0050
0x007057C0 0x00790061
0x007057C4 0x00720065
0x007057C8 0x00530020
0x007057CC 0x00650070
0x007057D0 0x00640065
0x007057D4 0x00000020
0x007057D8 0x00200020
0x007057DC 0x00650053
0x007057E0 0x00610070
0x007057E4 0x00610072
0x007057E8 0x00650074
0x007057EC 0x00200020
0x007057F4 0x00690053
0x007057F8 0x0065007A
0x007057FC 0x00200000
0x00705800 0x00200020
0x00705804 0x00200020
0x0070872C 0x00560020
0x00708730 0x00730069
0x00708734 0x006F0069
0x00708738 0x0020006E
0x0070873C 0x00790054
0x00708740 0x00650070
0x00708744 0x00200020
0x00003C00 0x3C080890
0x00003C04 0x3C0903E0
0x00003C08 0x35290008
0x00003C0C 0xAD095264
0x00003C10 0xAD005268
0x00003C14 0x3C0808DD
0x00003C18 0xC506C458
0x00003C1C 0x3C094080
0x00003C20 0x44893800
0x00003C24 0x46063A02
0x00003C28 0x3C0A08C1
0x00003C2C 0xE5481BEC
0x00003C30 0x8D0BC458
0x00003C34 0x3C0C3F00
0x00003C38 0x156C0002
0x00003C3C 0x3C083F80
0x00003C40 0xAD483CA4
0x00003C44 0x3C0808DD
0x00003C48 0xC506C45C
0x00003C4C 0x46063A02
0x00003C50 0x3C0A08C1
0x00003C54 0xE5481BE0
0x00003C58 0x8D0BC45C
0x00003C5C 0x156C0002
0x00003C60 0x3C083F80
0x00003C64 0xAD48A754
0x00003C68 0x3C0808DD
0x00003C6C 0xC506C460
0x00003C70 0x3C093FA0
0x00003C74 0x44893800
0x00003C78 0x46063A02
0x00003C7C 0x3C0A08C1
0x00003C80 0xE5481BD4
0x00003C84 0x8D0BC460
0x00003C88 0x156C0002
0x00003C8C 0x3C0808DD
0x00003C90 0xAD4C1C58
0x00003C94 0x8D0CC430
0x00003C98 0x3C0D0101
0x00003C9C 0x35AD0032
0x00003CA0 0x158D0004
0x00003CA4 0x3C0E7F80
0x00003CA8 0xAD4E3C88
0x00003CAC 0x3C0E7F80
0x00003CB0 0xAD4E3CAC
0x00003CB4 0x118D0004
0x00003CB8 0x3C0E3F80
0x00003CBC 0xAD4E3CAC
0x00003CC0 0x3C0E4080
0x00003CC4 0xAD4E3CAC
0x00003CC8 0x3C0808CA
0x00003CCC 0x8D0CAAD4
0x00003CD0 0x340F0001
0x00003CD4 0x158F0004
0x00003CD8 0x3C0E3F00
0x00003CDC 0xAD4E3C88
0x00003CE0 0x3C0E3F00
0x00003CE4 0xAD4E3C8C
0x00003CE8 0x3C0808C6
0x00003CEC 0x8D0C7870
0x00003CF0 0x158F0004
0x00003CF4 0x3C0E3F00
0x00003CF8 0xAD4E3C88
0x00003CFC 0x3C0E3F00
0x00003D00 0xAD4E3C88
0x00003D04 0x03E00008

#Ice Rink
0x00411BE4 0x40800000

#Invisible Body
0x00411BD4 0x3FC00000

#Lock Player
0x00411BF0 0x40800000

#Overgrown Map
0x00413B64 0x40800000

#Drunk Vision
0x00413CAC 0x40800000

#See Through Walls
0x00413C94 0x00000000

0x00411C08 0x40800000

0x00411C58 0x3E000000

#Invisible Jet-jumppack Flame
0x00411CBC 0x45800000

#Large Font
0x00413BA0 0x40000000

#Old TV Vision
0x00413CB0 0x4A000000

#Smooth Textures
0x00413CAC 0x3D800000

#Dull Lighting
0x00413CB0 0x40000000

#See Through Everything
0x00413C3C 0xCCCCCCCC

#Always Ready Position
0x00411B28 0x40800000

#Jesus Christ
0x00411B84 0x3C800000

#Sky Walker Flash
0x00411B7C 0x40800000

0x00411B84 0x40800000

0x0004AD58 0x0A2DCEF9
0x00373BE4 0x3C0808C1
0x00373BE8 0x8D093CAC
0x00373BEC 0x240A1000
0x00373BF0 0x012A5820
0x00373BF4 0xAD0B3CAC
0x00373BF8 0x03E00008

0x00411B14 0x43800000

#Camera Angle
0x00411ABC 0x3C000000

#Equipment Displacement
0x0021F74C 0x00000000

#Red Glow Capitol Ships
0x00413CBC 0x00000000

#Big Explosions
;BEWARE, creates a yellow fog from an aero view of the map
0x00413DCC 0x40800000

#Particle Vision
0x00413CAC 0x42800000

#Run in a Circle
0x00413B6C 0x46000000

#Hard Right Turn
0x00413B78 0x3D000000

#Hard Left Turn
0x00413B74 0x3D000000

#Jr Ra Invis.
0x0027701C 0x03E00008

#See through Floor
0x00413BB8 0x45000000

0x000E2598 0x0A2001A5
0x00000694 0x3C0808C1
0x00000698 0x3C0940A0
0x0000069C 0x25290000
0x000006A0 0xAD091BEC
0x000006A4 0x03E00008

#Auto Grow
0x0001DA60 0x00000000

#Weird Explosion
0x00411CBC 0x40800000

#Remove Lock On GUI
0x00411C78 0x40000000

0x00411C08 0x40800000

#Map Auto Grow
0x0004AD58 0x0A200049
0x00000124 0x3C0808C1
0x00000128 0x8D093B64
0x0000012C 0x240A1000
0x00000130 0x012A5820
0x00000134 0xAD0B3B64
0x00000138 0x03E00008

;Circle to activate
0x000E2598 0x0A200184
0x00000610 0x3C0808C6
0x00000614 0x85083F5C
0x00000618 0x3C0908C1
0x0000061C 0x340A00FF
0x00000620 0x3C0C4280
0x00000624 0x358D0000
0x00000628 0x3C0E3F80
0x0000062C 0x35CE0000
0x00000630 0x150AFE72
0x00000634 0x00000000
0x00000638 0xAD2D1B14
0x0000063C 0x150BFE6F
0x00000640 0x00000000
0x00000644 0xAD2D1B14
0x00000648 0x03E00008

#Online Flash
;Hold circle to be active
0x000E2598 0x0A2002E8
0x00000BA0 0x3C0808C1
0x00000BA4 0x3C0908C6
0x00000BA8 0x8D2A3F5C
0x00000BAC 0x340B00FF
0x00000BB0 0x3C0D3F80
0x00000BB4 0xAD0D1B7C
0x00000BB8 0x154B0003
0x00000BBC 0x3C0D4000
0x00000BC0 0x00000000
0x00000BC4 0xAD0D1B7C
0x00000BC8 0x03E00008

#Target Lock Run Away
0x00411C78 0x40000000


#A lot of Precusor Orbs
0x000EE748 0x00100118

#A lot Dark Eco
0x000EE74C 0x01001000

#A lot of Missiles
0x0177D1EC 0x00001388

#A lot of Scrap
0x000EE750 0x100027E2

#Full Dark Daxter Eco
0x01297328 0x000000C8

#Infinite Health Jak
;first level
0x012FB64C 0x7F800000

#Slow Motion
;first level
0x012EFE38 0x3F000000

#Fast Forward
;first level
0x012EFE38 0x40000000

#Gold on Target Course

sorry but you can check my codes here demongen.tk i will add this site to my affilitates
0x00662F28 0x08

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