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Twilight Hack Guide 3.3

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Twilight Hack Guide 3.3

Post by D20 CRAZY on Fri Apr 10, 2009 12:59 pm

I'm just going to give a quick guide for the twilight hack. It's really really simple to do and I recommend it for everyone with a Wii and if you've already update to 3.4 then look at the other guide.

Required Materials

- Wii
- Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
- SD Card (no higher than 2GB)
- SD Card reader

Once you have all of this you download the save data in order to hack. You can just google twilight hack 0.1 beta or anything along those lines and the file should come up. Once you download that you will need to plug your SD card in to the computer. Then you will need to format your SD card to fat. Some people won't have to do this others will and you can download it if your computer doesn't allow you this option.

Alright we have the run the installation of the download and it has to be saved to your SD card so just pick the location of your SD card in your computer so that you can begin the installation.

Once you do that you select what you want to be installed. You need to click the twilight hack from your region. Then hit next and you have should have everything needed to hack your Wii.

After that you put your SD card in to your Wii. Go to the your data management delete your data of twilight princess than copy the data from your SD card of your region to your Wii. Load the game data there should be two game data files load one of them. Then you either walk backwards or go talk to the man and the installation should start. If it freezes you need to load the other game file. The Homebrew installation should then start once you loaded the appropriate save data file and then you should now have the home brew channel.

YouTube - wiibrew.org Twilight Hack

That's a video of the steps needed to go through once you have the twilight hack file on your Wii. I didn't make the video I just got it off of youtube it and used it when I was going through this process.

Well that's it for this guide sorry for the lack of pictures I'm on a school comp any question feel free to ask. If I made any mistake just let me know. I will try to make another guide. The homebrew channel is just the start. To the things you can do on your Wii.

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